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One does not simply walk into Morden (… without an immigration lawyer)

Morden, Manitoba has been welcoming new skilled immigrants since 2014. This small but very potent city offers immigration opportunities through Manitoba Provincial Nominee Stream, but does  not require a job offer.

The eligibility requirements are very straight-forward:

  • Be between ages 21 and 45;
  • Have no connections in any other province or city of Canada;
  • Have at least a one-year post-secondary degree or diploma;
  • Have experience living in a rural area;
  • Score 5 on IELTS in each band;
  • Have sufficient settlements funds;
  • Have genuine intention to establish and settle in Morden; AND
  • Fall within Morden’s Top In-Demand occupations.

The Top In-Demand Job as of lately include:

  • Entry Level Manufacturing;
  • Cabinetmakers;
  • Factory Sewing Machine operators;
  • Heavy vehicle mechanic.

Please note that this occupation list is subject to change. Ensure that you operate with the most updated information when applying for immigration.



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