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Everything that you wanted to know about study visa but were too afraid to ask

Study visa - This is a visa that allows you to temporarily remain in Canada as a student. The immigration officer will therefore be looking at your visa application through the lens of temporary residence. The officer must be that you are a true (bona fide) student, and that the [...]

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Global Strategy stream

Today, the IRCC launched its Global Strategy immigration stream. Some of the changes are definitely more than welcomed given the current immigration system's failure to bring more qualified and skilled workers in a timely manner. The Global Strategy stream offers the following: NEW Work Permit Exemptions Highly Skilled workers (NOC [...]

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Court rules: Majority ownership and acting as President of the Canadian company are not eligible for the Canadian Experience Class PR application.

It is a known fact that self-employment in Canada on its own does not meet the requirements to immigrate to Canada under the Canadian Experience Class stream: 87.1(2) A foreign national is a member of the Canadian experience class if (a)they have acquired in Canada, within the three years before the [...]

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SKILLED TRADES IMMIGRATION – Call for applications

It is no secret that employers in Canada have a hard time finding qualified skilled tradespeople to fill positions. To help Canadian employers, the Government of Canada introduced the Temporary Foreign Worker stream that allowed the hiring of foreign workers by Canadian employers. The program allows Canadian employers to apply for [...]

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San Marino – Plan your next holiday working in Canada

A new bi-lateral agreement has been negotiated between San Marino and Canada. Now, qualified youth (age 18-35) can come and work in Canada under the Working Holiday program. The Working Holiday category allows foreign individuals to apply for an open work permit and work in Canada for any employer to subsidize [...]

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Fast Immigration to Canada: Business Application to Prince Edward Island

One of the smallest Canadian Provinces is offering one of the most attractive immigration streams to obtain permanent residence in Canada. To qualify for this immigration stream, the applicant can chose between two separate options: 100% Ownership stream, and Partial Ownership stream PEI also identifies priority sectors for the business [...]

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Oценка эквивалентности преступления

Нам очень часто приходят вопросы от потенциальных иммигрантов у которых в стране гражданства есть криминальное прошлое. Сразу замечу что и вождение в нетрезвом виде тоже считается в Канаде уголовным нарушением, поэтому если заявитель имеет судимость за вождение в нетрезвом виде - значит он может быть недопустимым в Канаду. О том [...]

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Temporary Pause on Ontario Provincial Nominee program

As of May 9, 2016 (5pm) Ontario Provincial Nominee Program will no longer accept applications for permanent residence in the following categories: Ontario Human Capital Priorities (Express Entry); International Student (Masters Graduate); International Student (PhD). The Employer Pre-Screen application were also put on hold - this application is a necessary step for [...]

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Временная пауза на заявки на статус резидента через провинциальную программу Онтарио.

9 мая, Онтарио объявило что они прекращают приём заявок на статус постоянного резидента по трём самым популярным иммиграционным программам: - Провинциальная Express Entry Human Capital; - Международные студенты (Магистры); - Международные студенты (Докторат). Так же были приостановлен приём заявок на просмотр заявок от работодателей - необходимая ступень для номинации работника [...]

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Виза няни и дополнительные преграды к её получению.

Как юрист, занимающийся исключительно делами связанными с иммиграцией в Канаду, я честно скажу что изменённая программа по найму нянь в Канаду настолько перестала быть интуитивной и отвечать истинным требованиям Канадского населения, что я удивляюсь что ещё кто-то пытается на неё подать. Если вы не в курсе, то сообщу что с [...]

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