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Court rules: Majority ownership and acting as President of the Canadian company are not eligible for the Canadian Experience Class PR application.

It is a known fact that self-employment in Canada on its own does not meet the requirements to immigrate to Canada under the Canadian Experience Class stream: 87.1(2) A foreign national is a member of the Canadian experience class if (a)they have acquired in Canada, within the three years before the [...]

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Confirmation of provincial support is not sufficient to trump federal officer’s assessment of an application. Shaukat v Canada, 2015 FC 1120

The Applicants sought to set aside a decision from a Visa Officer in London rejecting their application for permanent residency under the provincial nominee class. The Application was dismissed. The Court found that it was reasonable for the federal government to conduct an independent assessment of the Applicant’s ability to [...]

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Даже при поддержке провинции федеральный офицер может отказать в статусе если результаты IELTS минимальны, или почему порой лучше заранее обращаться к специалистам.

Интересное решение вышло в сентябре этого года в Федеральном Суде. Решением Судьи Глисон, апелляция отказа в статусе резидента через провинциальную программу провинции Саскатчеван была отклонена. Заявка на статус резидента была подана ещё в ноябре 2013. В пакет докуметов было приложено письмо с провинциальной поддержкой и результаты языкового экзамена IELTS. Общий [...]

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Awet v Canada, 2015 FC 759 : The debate continues regarding admission of new evidence before the RAD – Justice Barnes: the test is more generous than for a PRRA.

On June 17, 2015, Justice Barnes contributed to the discussion concerning the test for admission of the new evidence before the newly created Refugee Appeal Division ("RAD") - leaning in favour of a more relaxed test beyond that of Raza for Pre-Removal Risk Assessment ("PRRA") applications.   Facts of the case: -The [...]

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