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Atlantic Immigration – pilot project

The new and exciting three year long pilot program was announced by the IRCC last week. Under the new Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program that includes the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia, a lucky number of 2000 applicants will be chosen to apply [...]

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PNP Entrepreneur Stream Criteria Clarification – Updated Guide

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Entrepreneur Stream Guide has been updated to clarify the minimum business experience requirement. Entrepreneurs and their business partner (if applicable) are required to have a minimum of 36 months of full-time business experience in the last 60 months. Entrepreneurs and their business partner are not required to have [...]

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Canada (CIC) v Esfand, 2015 FC 1190: Dependent Family Member of a Convention Refugee who’s Claim was Determined by a Visa Office Abroad is not a Convention Refuge under IRPA.

The Court concludes that a dependent family member who obtained a permanent resident status as an accompanying family member of a Convention refugee determined by a visa officer abroad will not lose her status because of returning to her country of origin or through apparent re-availment. The Facts The respondent [...]

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ЛГБТ и беженство в Канаде

Россия находится на 11 месте среди стран, представители которой просят убежище за её пределами (источник: UNHCR: Asylum Trends 2014). Не смотря на то что нет официальной статистики о том сколько прошений на беженство было подано представителями ЛГБТ из России, по непроверенной информации известно лишь то, что данные представители имеют высокий [...]

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Awet v Canada, 2015 FC 759 : The debate continues regarding admission of new evidence before the RAD – Justice Barnes: the test is more generous than for a PRRA.

On June 17, 2015, Justice Barnes contributed to the discussion concerning the test for admission of the new evidence before the newly created Refugee Appeal Division ("RAD") - leaning in favour of a more relaxed test beyond that of Raza for Pre-Removal Risk Assessment ("PRRA") applications.   Facts of the case: -The [...]

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Rejoice: a contract awarded to an independent contractor to provide an Immigration Holding Centre in the GTA

The contract was awarded to Corbel Management Corp (Corbel) through what CIC called "a competitive process". The new contractor will provide the facility which will conform to the modern design requirements. The contractor will also provide maintenance, housekeeping and food services. The new facility will have capacity for 188 with additional [...]

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Germany, Spain, and Portugal applicants benefit from Express Entry

The Government of Canada is aiming to attract more immigrants from Europe. Following the launch of the Express Entry info site for Italians, individuals from Spain, Germany and Portugal can now benefit from accessing CIC's Express Entry webpage in their native language. For links to the webpages: Germany - click [...]

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The government introduces the Oath of Citizenship Act

The new Act (not yet law) will require every new Canadian taking the oath of citizenship to show his/her face. The rationale being to ensure that Canadian citizenship applicants are seen and heard reciting the Oath.

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