Canada is soon to join the United Kingdom and the US in implementing biometrics for border security and immigration purposes.

According to the Province the federal government is moving towards the use of biometrics, e.g. fingerprints, iris scans and others unique identifiers to screen all foreigners entering the country.

As a first step the government plans to require all applicants for visitor visa, study permit or work permit to submit 10 electronic fingerprints and a photo before their arrival to Canada. The fingerprints will be searched against RCMP databanks and the Border Service Agency will use data to verify that the visa holder is the same person as the applicant upon the visa holder’s arrival. The government argues that the implementation of biometrics will reduce immigration fraud and strengthen our border’s security.

Given that no biometrics system is perfect, an internal governmental report suggests creating an appeal system for visa applicants who are rejected because of a false fingerprint match.

For other report’s recommendations refer to the article.