Global Strategy stream

Today, the IRCC launched its Global Strategy immigration stream. Some of the changes are definitely more than welcomed given the current immigration system’s failure to bring more qualified and skilled workers in a timely manner. The Global Strategy stream offers the following:

  1. NEW Work Permit Exemptions
    • Highly Skilled workers (NOC 0 and A) for one 15-day work permit exempt stay in Canada every six months, or one 30 day work permit-exempt stay every 12 months;
    • Researches working on a research project at a publicly-funded degree-granting institution or affiliated research institution will  be granted one 12- day work permit exempt stay every 12 months.
  2. Global Talent Stream
    • Firms in Canada that are referred to the Temporary Foreign Program’s Global Talent Stream by an Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) Designated Partner. You can find the list of the partners here. The employer must be hiring  unique and specialized talent.
    • Firms in Canada that need to hire foreign workers for highly skilled in-demand occupations (Some additional requirements for the foreign worker sapply). The list can be found here and below.
      0213Computer and information systems managersnot applicablenot applicable
      2147Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)not applicablenot applicable
      2171Information systems analysts and consultantsnot applicablenot applicable
      2172Database analysts and data administratorsnot applicablenot applicable
      2173Software engineers and designersnot applicablenot applicable
      2174Computer programmers and interactive media developersnot applicablenot applicable
      2175Web designers and developersnot applicablenot applicable
      2241Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians$81,000$38.94
      2283Information systems testing technicians$78,000$37.50
      5241*Digital Media and Design

      *position requires a minimum of five years of industry experience, and skills requirements including: 3D modeling, virtual and augmented reality; animation, level editing, editor and pipeline software and tools in applicable industry; other specialized knowledge of software framework in applicable industry (for example, Unreal 3.0); and/or, Experience in planning and managing a project.


  • Employers using the Global Talent Stream are required to develop a Labour Market Benefits Plan.
  • There is no minimum recruitment requirement
  • Employers must be actively engaged in the business where the TFW will be employed


Contact us should you wish to learn more about the program.