Greece Referendum, Financial Crisis and Immigration to Canada

Over the weekend I came across an interesting article published by CBC News. The article discussed the fact that amidst the financial crisis that has been crippling Greek for some time now, many Greeks are choosing to seek employment opportunities and a better life outside of Greece, and some come as far as Canada. This is not surprising, given that Greece has been experiencing its biggest brain drain for a number of years now. According to one of the estimates, around 10% of the country’s total university educated workforce has been leaving Greece.[source]:

According to the study, of those who have left 88% hold a university degree, and of those, over 60% have a master’s degree, while 11% hold a Ph.D. According to the EUI report, 79% of those who left Greece during the crisis were actually employed but felt that there was “no future” in the country (50%) or no professional opportunities (25%).

CBC reports that those who come to Canada, obtain their work permits though Provincial Nominee Programs (in the particular case discussed in the article, through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program). While those leaving Greece accept less prestigious positions upon their immigration to Canada, they rarely  regret their decisions to immigrate.

Given the results of the Greek referendum and the looming financial default, maybe our government and in particular CIC should consider translating its Express Entry website page to Greek to attract more qualified individuals?

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