How to invite a friend to Canada

While Canada doesn’t have an invitation visa, you can invite a friend or your family member to come and visit you in Canada.Your friend or your family member will be applying for a regular tourist visa, but you will be providing an invitation letter in support of that visa application.

What to do

1. Have your friend first apply for a tourist visa


2. Prepare your invitation letter

Immigration Canada provides an example of how your invitation letter should look like.

You’d see that the letter is very basic and does not provide any additional information about the trip and its purpose.

Add more details about why you are inviting this person to visit you in Canada.

3. Supporting documentation

Optionally, but recommended, include supporting financial statements to show that you have the funds to support your friend while they are in Canada.

A recent bank statement and/or pay stab is usually enough.

Additionally, if possible, include any proof of connection you have to your friend.

Can you do it yourself?

Yes. This application is very similar to the Tourist Visa application. You can put it together yourself by following the Immigration Canada instructions.

You might want to consider legal help, in the following situations:

  • If you have not been well established in Canada
  • If your finances are not very strong
  • If your friend is not well established in his country
  • If your friend has been previously refused a visa to Canada
  • If your friend is currently unemployed or have been unemployed for a long time
  • Your don’t have a lot of money and your school fees are high
  • I your friend hasn’t travelled a lot in the past before this trip to Canada
  • If your friend is coming from a country with a weak economy, problematic security situation, or in an international conflict.