At Legally Canadian we understand how legal fees can quickly pile up and could take a serious financial toll.

So, we wanted to share some tips on how you can lower your expenses:

  1. Utilize free services: We encourage our potential clients to take advantage of our FREE 15-minute consultation. During our consultation, we will provide you with a general roadmap of how to complete your application. The roadmap will give you an idea of what documents you would need to collect, advise you on preliminary steps to take before initiating an application and what deadlines to keep in mind.
  2. Prepare in advance: We suggest that you pre-fill your immigration forms (in draft) prior to your arrival at our office. Completing forms from scratch is a tedious process which can take days to complete. By providing us with your draft forms you save yourself time and money. We will still review all of your forms for correctness and completeness.
  3. Translate your documents: Every supporting document that is not in English or French has to be translated. While we can send your documents to our translators, by finding your own you can control the fee of the translations.
  4. Make your own photocopies: As a client, you are responsible for any disbursements accrued during the preparation of your case.
  5. Utilize electronic technology: Text or email us if you have a questions, we do not need to meet in person every time you have concerns about your application.
  6. Be frank: As your lawyers it is our obligation to advocate zealously on your behalf. Remember, anything you say to us is confidential. Do not hide any information from us – let us be the judge of what is important and what is not. Only when we know the whole truth about your situation can we come up with the most effective legal strategy for you.
  7. Keep us informed: Should there be any change in your circumstances, update us at your first available opportunity.

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