Failed US immigrant finds a new home in Canada

Jenny Rokhline
August 26, 2022
Canada offers many immigration programs to fit various skilled experience and immigration situations. Often times it takes an experienced lawyer to find the best suited one.

Jonathan had a good life in the United States. He came as an international student, completed his education, obtained a job offer and was on his way to obtain a Green Card. It seemed like his long wished dream was finally about to come true.

As his work permit was about to expire, Jonathan’s US employer told him that they will not be renewing his employment and will not be applying for a work permit for him (H-1B visa). When he heard the news Jonathan’s heart sunk. He saw everything he was working so hard towards disappearing before his eyes. He knew he couldn’t go back home where he had nothing left. He also started realizing that the new US administration was not too keen on keeping people like Jonathan in the country. He needed to think quick on how to act. Jonathan called Legally Canadian for advice.

We quickly assessed Jonathan’s qualification and recommended that he applied for Express Entry – this was the fastest way for him. The problem was that Jonathan did not have any of the required documents in order to enter into the Express Entry candidates pool. Realizing that Jonathan was soon to lose his temporary worker status we devised a plan on how to put Jonathan in the Express Entry pool fast without him leaving the Americas.

We assisted Jonathan with applying for a tourist visa to Canada. Jonathan asked us to help him because a year before he was already refused a visitor visa to Canada. Together we put a strong application and his tourist visa was approved in no time. While the visa was still being reviewed, Jonathan booked his IELTS test and has sent his diplomas for evaluation. Once those were received we quickly put him into the Express Entry pool. His score was high enough that we knew he will be selected for permanent residence right away. Once Jonathan received his Invitation to Apply (ITA) we submitted his application within a week and started waiting for its processing.

So what happened?

Once his work permit in the US expired, Jonathan came to Canada as a tourist on a valid visitor visa. We updated his profile and his permanent residence was approved while he was already in Canada. He is now a full fledged Permanent Resident

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