Student without a bank account is approved for a study permit

Jenny Rokhline
March 13, 2024
Visa requirements are non negotiable. But there are ways to meet these requirements even in a non-traditional way.

When John, a student planning to study in Canada, applied for his study permit, he needed to prove he had enough money to cover his expenses, including tuition fees and living expenses. But there was a problem – he didn’t have a bank account.

Students applying for a study permit in Canada are required to show they are able to support themselves during their studies, without working.

John came to Legally Canadian for help. Normally, we show the money in a bank account, but John couldn’t do that. Instead, he had the money in cash because of problems with banks in his home country.

So, what happened?

We found another way to demonstrate that John has the required funds and can easily access them. Additionally, we provided proof that Canadian banks are capable of accepting these funds upon John’s arrival. As a result, his study permit application was approved, and he’s set to begin his studies in April.

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